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February 19–20, 2014
Atlanta, Georgia

Len Kleinrock PREVIEWS
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field trip
February 21, 2014
CNN Newsroom and
Techwood Campus

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Can't Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results by Bob Garfield

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"Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything that they do not make clear."
— Joseph Joubert

conference overview
A flood of technologies is washing away traditional boundaries between work and play, policy and privacy, companies and governments, war and peace, near and far, virtual and physical, society and the individual. 

One of the most important borders increasingly breached is that between man and machine, whether it's with new Iron-Man-like prosthetics that enhance the able as well as the disabled; the Genome Project and now the Brain Mapping Project, studying the analog body as if it were a digital device; or lab researchers hooking up stem cells to microprocessors and 3-D printing organs for transplantation. 

The traditional work environment is also blurring. That mobility has allowed (and forced!) us to work during vacations and other formerly down time is a commonplace. But offices are also starting to look like coffee shops; mobile robots are turning factory floors into collaborative environments between human and robotic workers; applications are becoming apps; and anything with a screen can access any data anywhere. 

Topics we expect to cover include: 

• AI is blurring the line between creator and created
• Blurring the generations: living to 100 and beyond
• The shared economy is creating a new form of capitalism
• The blurry wall between editorial and advertising
• Judgment, cognition, and computation
• Fashiontech
• Vertebrate physiology and robotics
• Security, privacy, and guarding against the guardians
• Brains, ethics, and the blur between the self and the other
• Blurring the lines between code (legal) and code (programming)
• Markets as continuously emerging ecosystems
• Techno-affection and the evolution of human intimacy
• The blurry line between IT and, well, every other corporate function
• Instrumented bodies: blurring the line between movement and music
• Ditching demography

What does a blurred world look like? How does it function? And what do enterprises look like in the blurred future?

Partial list of speakers

Sonia Arrison, Author
, Managing Director and Director of Research at the University of Southern California's Norman Lear Center
Robin Chase, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Buzzcar
Henrik Christensen, KUKA Chair of Robotics, Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing
John Henry Clippinger, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, ID3, and Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab
Frans B. M. de Waal, C. H. Candler Professor of Primate Behavior, Emory University
BOB GARFIELD, Host, On the Media, National Public Radio, and Columnist, The Guardian
ADAM GHETTI, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Ionic Security
JAMES HENDLER, Director, Rensselaer Institute for Data Exploration and Applications, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
LARRY HUNTER, Director, Center for Computational Pharmacology & Computational Bioscience Program, University of Colorado, Denver
JOSEPH MALLOCH, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Université Paris-Sud
TONY SALVADOR, Director, Culture Dynamics Lab, Intel
VYTAS SUNSPIRAL, Senior Robotics Researcher, Intelligent Robotics Group, Intelligent Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center
Anouk Wipprecht, Fashiontech Designer, Curator, Lecturer
K. KRASNOW WATERMAN, Chief Executive Officer, LawTechIntersect LLC
Guy Wollaert, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical and Innovation Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

Conference Schedule
Tuesday, February 18: 6:00 pm, First Timers Pre-Reception Welcome
6:30 pm, Reception/Dinner (7:00 pm)
Wednesday, February 19: 8:15 am–5:00 pm, Conference Day 1
6:30 pm, Reception/Dinner (7:00 pm)
Thursday, February 20: 8:15 am–4:00 pm, Conference Day 2
6:00 pm, Dinner
Friday, February 21:
8:00 am–1:00 pm, Field Trip to CNN Newsroom and Techwood Campus

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