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TTI/Vanguard’s 2012 Conferences
Hacking Life
February 22–23, 2012 • San Jose, California
February 24, 2012
Field Trip - Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR), Stanford University
Programming the living and using life to program will dramatically change the ecology of IT, and offer killer apps for informatics. The impact of biology will include the redefinition of systems thinking and
it will exponentially increase the emphasis of bio-science on our work and lives.
Hacking Life Conference Preview
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May 10–11, 2012 • Washington, D.C.
The greatest revolution of our time is in the frequency of their occurrence. Social, economic, and political structures are turning inside out and upside down. These dynamics are changing assumptions about power in which governance can happen without government, networks can evolve without centers, and manufacturing can happen without factories.
Revolutions Conference Preview
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July 18–19, 2012 • Tokyo, Japan
July 20, 2012 Field Trip - Computer Vision Lab, University of Tokyo and Printing Museum, Tokyo
Organizations and human systems, confronted with unprecedented speed and complexity, must change by being resilient in order to leverage opportunities and protect themselves against risks. Human, organizational, and business ecologies will play a role as important as the technologies
that support renewal, resilience, scalability, and emerging and evolving business models.
Futureproofing Conference Preview
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Understanding Understanding
October 2–3, 2012 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 4, 2012 Field Trip - Carnegie Mellon University
Our thoughts are now co-evolutionary with the thinking produced by machines. If we better understand "understanding," we'll be wiser about how and when to attribute intelligence and competence to computers and computing.
Understanding Understanding Conference Preview
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December 6–7, 2012 • Seattle, Washington
Fresh from the lab: a first look at wild new discoveries, hot startups, and innovations to change
the world.
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