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Nextgens Technologies
December 7–8, 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Monday, December 6
7:00 pm
Welcome Reception and Buffet Dinner (dinner at 7:30 PM)

Tuesday, December 7
7:30 am


8:30 am
Conference Welcome
8:40 am
Conference Overview
Mike Hawley, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
9:00 am

What’s Really Real about Immersive Virtual Reality?
Fred Brooks, Author, The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering

9:45 am

Electrochemical Pathways Towards Sustainability
Don Sadoway, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

10:30 am
11:00 am

The New Generation of Single Molecule Detectors
Michael Strano, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT

11:45 am

Biological Inspiration: Design Lessons from Nature
Robert Full, Director, Poly-PEDAL Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley

12:30 pm
Members' Working Lunch
1:30 pm

The Unstructured Frontier
Paul Nemirovsky, Founder, Localot Research

2:00 pm

A Subtle Change in How Stuff Is Created
Scott Summit, Co-Founder, Bespoke Innovations

2:30 pm

The Open-Hardware Revolution
Peter Semmelhack, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bug Labs

3:00 pm
3:30 pm

Dark Matter, Dwarf Galaxies, and Digital Surveys
Marla Geha, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Yale University

4:00 pm

Computational Photography and the Stanford Frankencamera
Marc Levoy, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

4:45 pm

Eric Haseltine, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board

7:00 pm
Reception and Dinner

Wednesday, December 8
7:30 am


8:30 am
TTI/Vanguard Announcements
8:45 am
Hackers and Invention
Pablos Holman, Inventor, Intellectual Ventures
9:30 am

Making Room for Innovation
Chris Shipley, Co-Founder, Guidewire Group

10:15 am
10:45 am

Live Matrix: What’s When on the Web
Sanjay Reddy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Live Matrix

11:15 am

Building Functional Materials via a “Bottom-Up” Approach: One Piece at a Time
Ting Xu, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, U.C. Berkeley

11:45 am

Spiders, Silk, and Webs: Biomimicry and the Role of Basic Biology
Todd A. Blackledge, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Akron

12:25 pm
Members' Working Lunch
1:30 pm

Computation from Nature
Nicola Rohrseitz, Founder, ViSSee

2:10 pm

Low-Cost Eye-Tracking Hardware and Software
Mick Ebeling, Founder, Not Impossible Foundation

2:45 pm

Mirror Worlds: On the Verge of a 3-D Revolution
Victor Shenkar, Chief Executive Officer, GeoSim Systems

3:30 pm
Conference Reflections
Dr. Bob Lucky, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
4:00 pm
Close of Conference
7:00 pm

Thursday, December 9

7:30 am


8:00 am
Field Trip to Hendrick MotorSports
12:00 pm


12:30 pm
Depart for airport or return to hotel

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