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Leapfrogging Technologies - draft Agenda
July 14–15, 2009 in Singapore

Tuesday, July 14
7:30 am

Breakfast in the Stamford Ballroom Foyer

8:30 am
Conference Welcome
Len Kleinrock, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
8:40 am
Conference Overview
Nicholas Negroponte, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
9:00 am

Nanostructure Processing of Biomaterials and Biosystems
Jackie Ying, Executive Director, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

9:40 am

Intelligence Technology for Cybe-Physical Robotic System
Jong-Hwan Kim, Director, National Center for Robot Intelligence Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

10:15 am

Discussion and Commentary: Hi-Tech and Science Futures in Asia
Eric Haseltine, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board

10:30 am
11:00 am

"Pixie Dust and Oracle Bones"
Po Chi Wu, Executive Director, Global Innovation Research Center, Peking University

11:30 am

The Long March of Software
Jacob Hsu, Chief Executive Officer, The Symbio Group

12:00 pm

The Digital Republic of China
Calvin Chin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Qifang.com

12:30 pm

Discussion and Commentary: China Futures
Mike Hawley, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board

12:50 pm
Members' Working Lunch in the Stamford Ballroom Foyer
2:00 pm
Government Roles in the ICT Industry
Daeje Chin, President and Chief Executive Officer, SkyLake Incuvest
2:40 pm
Telecoms in Asia: Leapfrogging Development?
John Ure, Director, Telecommunications Research Project, University of Hong Kong
3:15 pm
Discussion and Commentary: Telecom Futures
Bob Lucky, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Lessons from the Road
Kartikeya Singh, Co-Founder, Indian Youth Climate Network
4:30 pm

India: Quirks and Dichotomies
Mohanjit Jolly, Executive Director, DFJ India

7:00 pm
Reception and Dinner at the Raffles Hotel

Wednesday, July 15
7:30 am

Breakfast in the Stamford Foyer

8:30 am
TTI/Vanguard Announcements
8:45 am
Leapfrogging (or Not) in Global Development
Kentaro Toyama, Assistant Managing Director, Microsoft Research India
9:15 am

Low-Cost Medicine Manufacturing
N. Prasad, Vice Chairman, Matrix Laboratories Limited

9:45 am

ONeHEALTH: Delivering Healthcare Information to Rural Communities
Alex Gavino, Coordinator, Central Operations, National Telehealth Center, Philippines

10:15 am
10:45 am
Harnessing Value from Existing Technologies
Kamal Quadir, Founder, CellBazaar
11:15 am
One Laptop per Pacific Child: Impact of Technology in Outlying Areas
Michael Hutak, Oceania Director, One Laptop per Child
11:45 am

Discussion and Commentary: Technology Use in Developing Countries
Nicholas Negroponte, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board

12:15 pm

Library of the Future
Chan Ping Wah, Assistant Chief Executive, Technology and Innovation, National Library Board Singapore

12:45 pm
Members' Working Lunch in the Stamford Ballroom Foyer
2:00 pm

Voice Mining
See Swee Lan, Assistant Department Head, HLT Department, Institute for Infocomm Research

2:20 pm

Media Development in Singapore: Past, Present, and Future
Tan Chin Nam, Chairman, Media Development Authority, Singapore

3:00 pm

Working without History: Digital Media in Singapore
John Sanders, Head of Production Resources and Stuart McAra, Producer for the Digital Artist Group, LucasFilm Singapore

3:30 pm
Conference Reflections
Bob Lucky, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
4:00 pm
Close of Conference
5:30 pm
Pre-dinner drinks at Ink Bar (hotel lobby)
6:15 pm
Depart for Dinner and Night Safari

Thursday, July 16
7:30 am

Breakfast in the Ink Bar

8:15 am
Depart for Fusionopolis
12:15 pm
Lunch at Fusionopolis
1:30 pm
Return to hotel

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