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Nextgens Technologies - Draft Agenda
December 9–10, 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona

Monday, December 8
6:30 pm
Welcome Reception and Buffet Dinner

Tuesday, December 9
7:30 am


8:30 am
Conference Welcome
Leonard Kleinrock, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
8:40 am
Conference Overview
David Reed, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
9:00 am
Innovation Ecosystems
Judy Estrin, Chief Executive Officer, JLabs, LLC
9:45 am
Black Silicon
Steve Saylor, Chief Executive Officer, SiOnyx
10:15 am
Innovative Solutions for Monetizing Web Video
Schuyler Cullen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Keystream
10:45 am
11:15 am
The Future of Biotechnology
William Haseltine, President, William A. Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences
12:00 pm
The Parallel Revolution Has Started
David Patterson, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley
12:50 pm
Members' Working Lunch
2:00 pm
Making Nanotechnology Real: Memristors, Photonic Interconnect, CeNSE
Stan Williams, Director, Information and Quantum Systems Lab, Hewlett Packard
2:45 pm
Introducing the Next Generation in Mobile Search Tools
Rich Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Media Power
3:15 pm
The Plug-and-Play Portable Office
Grant Wallace, Chief Technology Officer, The Key Revolution
3:45 pm
4:15 pm
Shrinking the Planet: A New Global Research Platform
Larry Smarr, Founding Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
7:00 pm
Reception and Dinner

Wednesday, December 10
7:30 am


8:30 am
TTI/Vanguard Announcements
8:45 am
Compressive Sensing
Richard Baraniuk, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Rice University
9:30 am

It's Now Time To Build Computers Like The Brain
Subutai Ahmad, Vice President, Engineering, Numenta

10:15 am
10:45 am
Learning from Bacteria about Information Processing
Eshel Ben-Jacob, Professor of Physics, Tel Aviv University
11:30 am
Informed Image Guidance
Diane Dulla, Founder, Anatom-e
12:05 pm
New Design Processes
Jim Seay, President, Premier Rides
12:45 pm
Members' Working Lunch
2:00 pm
Display Advances
Michael Sinclair, Senior Researcher, Hardware Devices Group, Microsoft
2:45 pm
Creative Visualizations of our Collective Lives
Joy Mountford, Vice President, Design Innovation, JoyMountford.com
3:30 pm
Conference Reflections
Bob Lucky, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
4:00 pm
Close of Conference

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