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Being Everywhere
April 29–30, 2008
Toronto, Canada

field trip
University of Toronto
May 1

Len Kleinrock and Deborah Estrin preview the conference (pdf) (MP3)


overview agenda

Topics include:
• Locationless organizations
• Geomapping
• Innovative applications
• Location services
• Mobile finance
• Realtime GIS
• Form factors
• Data confidentiality/integrity/availability
• Wearable computing
• Convergence and confusion
• Social implications

conference overview
No matter where we are at any point in space or time, constraints no longer exist to limit with whom, with what, and how we interact. Pervasive, standardized wireless and Web services have enabled us to work, shop, and play beyond the office, storefront, and arcade; today, we can “be” anywhere we can connect. Computing and data are moving away from desktops and laptops and into the Internet cloud, due in part to location transparency and mobile access.

For all these upsides, there are downsides as well. How will we cope with the opportunity, freedom, and complexity of mobility as mobile devices become the next dominant user interface? We’ll examine the technology and culture inherent in our on-the-move, always-on world, where ultramobile systems will be commonplace.

The new mobility and our integrated digital lifestyles will rely on supersmart cameras, tags, surfaces, sensors, payment cards, and even cars.  How will businesses cope with and react to smaller, cheaper, and faster mobile devices and technologies?

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Partial list of speakers

Mr. Nick Bilton and Mr. Michael Young, Co-founders, Shifd.com
Mr. Hasan Elahi, Assistant Professor, Visual Art Department, Rutgers University
Mr. Joseph Ferra, Chief Wireless Officer, Fidelity Web Technology Group
Mr. John Frank, Founder and CTO, MetaCarta
Dr. S. Keshav, Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Waterloo
Dr. Steve Mann, Director, EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab, University of Toronto
Dr. Mor Naaman, Research Scientist, Yahoo
Dr. Anand Narasimhan, Co-founder and CTO, Voxiva
Dr. Mark Pecen, Vice President Advanced Technology, Research in Motion
Mr. Barry Steinhardt, Director, Technology & Liberty Program, ACLU
Ms. Katrin Verclas, Coordinator, Mobileactive.org
Dr. Roy Want, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Research, CTG, Intel
Mr. Daniel Weitzner, Co-director, MIT CSAIL Decentralized Information Group

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