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China’s New Tech Era
July 11-12, 2006
Beijing, China

members' field trip
July 13
8:30 am

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overview speakers

Topics include:
• Science and technology to commercial R&D
• Telecommunications
• Next generation networks
• IP matters
• 3G and 4G
• Indigenous innovation
• Internet development and growth
• Value-added service platforms
• Impact on energy markets
• New search technologies
• New business models
• Wireless deployment

conference overview
Most of us acknowledge that the Internet and other technologies are greatly transforming Chinese urban society, politics, economics, commerce, and its citizens’ relationship with their government. Yet we are compelled to ask, with her huge markets and user base, how is China changing technology and the Internet. Will her efforts represent a new foundation of commerce and technology development?

If China bypasses some technologies, such as wired phones and copper in the ground, and depends heavily on wireless, what might this imply on a global scale? Will there be a development of new standards as the next several hundred million Chinese users come on-line? What will it mean when and if standards are no longer driven by the Western world? Which (and whose) devices will dominate?

Undoubtedly, China’s technology emergence will be felt on the global research landscape. Chinese universities are producing large numbers of scientists and engineers, resulting in a dynamic research workforce. Will research centers in China, both public and private, be effective—and what kinds of ideas will they deploy? Can China become an innovation leader, or will she merely modify and enhance existing technologies?

This conference will examine the emergence of the new technology era in China and concentrate on four main areas: intellectual property (copyright, digital rights management issues, piracy); innovation and entrepreneurship (including business models, the role of VCs, capital markets); lifestyle (value-added wireless services, blogs, impact of new technologies); and infrastructure (telecommunications, science and technology policies, energy politics). What global ramifications can we expect? We’ll look at the future China has to offer from the unique perspective of those who are developing and deploying new technologies in China.

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Mr. James Ding, Founder, UITV
Mr. Fang Xingdong, Founder and CEO, Bokee.com
Mr. Hou Ziqiang, Chief Technology Advisor, China Netcom
Dr. Kan Kaili, Professor and Director, Policy & Development Institute of Information Industries, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
Mr. Dan Kiang, Vice President, TVG Capital Partners
Mr. Robert Lessin, Vice Chairman, Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Ms. Scarlett Li, Co-founder and CEO, R2G
Mr. Isaac Mao, Co-founder, CNBlog.org
Mr. Greg Shea, President and Managing Director, United States Information Technology Office (USITO)
Mr. Ben Wang, Founder and CEO, Beyondsoft
Mr. John Wu, CTO, Alibaba.com
Dr. Xue Lan, Executive Associate Dean, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University
Ms. Sara Yun, Economic Officer, US Embassy, Beijing
Dr. Zha Daojiong, Professor, Energy Politics, Renmin University of China
Dr. Charles Zhang, Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of SOHU.COM
Mr. Philipp Zhang, Chief Scientist, HiSilicon

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