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Powering the Future
April 19-20, 2004 in Montreal, Canada

SUNDAY, April 18
7:00 pm
Welcome Reception and Buffet Dinner (7:30 pm)

7:30 am


8:30 am
Conference Welcome
Leonard Kleinrock, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
8:45 am
Conference Overview
Mike Hawley and Peter Cochrane, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
9:00 am
The Impact of the Decline of Engineering Influence
Jack Casazza, President, American Education Institute
9:45 am
The Progress and Promise of Solid State Lighting
George Mueller, Chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics, Inc.
10:15 am
10:45 am
Emerging Micro/Nano Thermophotovoltaic Technologies
Robert DiMatteo, Technical Director, MTPV Power Sources, C.S. Draper Labs
11:30 am
PowerMEMS: Macro Power From Micromachines
Alan H. Epstein, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
12:15 pm
Lunch and Round Table Discussions
1:45 pm
Self-Assembling Batteries
Yet-Ming Chiang, Professor of Materials, MIT
2:30 pm
Harvesting Power
Joseph Paradiso, Associate Professor and Sony Career Development Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab
3:00 pm
Renewables and Hydrogen Production
Lanny Schmidt, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Future Fuel Cell Technologies
Mr. David Eichinger, Manager, General Motors Fuel Cell Activities
4:30 pm
The Hype About Hydrogen
Joseph Romm, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Energy and Climate Solutions
7:00 pm
Reception and Dinner

7:30 am


8:30 am
TTI/Vanguard Announcements
8:45 am
Renewable Energy Technologies
Stanley Bull, Associate Director, Science and Technology, National Renewable Energy Lab
9:30 am

New Storage Systems and Electric Motors
Jean-René Marcoux, President and COO, Hydro-Québec CapiTech

10:15 am
10:45 am
The Smart Grid of the Future
Carl Imhoff, Engineer, Energy Operations, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11:30 am
Future of Power Flows
Innocent Kamwa, Principal Research Scientist, Hydro-Québec Research Institute
12:00 pm
Broadband Over Power Lines
Phillip Robinson, VP Engineering, Amperion, Inc.
12:45 pm
2:00 pm
Next Generation Micro-power Source Technologies
Shalom Daskal, CEO, Power Paper Ltd.
2:30 pm
Future Development in Wind Power
Doug Duimering, Vice President, Vestas Canadian Wind Technology
3:00 pm
Conference Wrap-Up
Bob Lucky, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board
4:00 pm
Rump Session
Peter Cochrane, TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board and Pip Coburn, UBS Warburg
7:00 pm
Members' Dinner

8:30 am
Departure for members’ field trip
9:00 am
Field trip at CAE, Inc.
12:00 pm

Departure for airport

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