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NextGens Technologies
December 4-5, 2003 in Phoenix, AZ

special members' field trip
Mayo Clinic
December 3, 2003


overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Human-computer interactions
• New nano, new bio
• Sensors
• Data visualization tools
• Advanced robotics
• Automated and real time technologies
• Large screen displays
• Storage technologies
• New materials and topologies

conference overview
In an era where products sell for pennies and the cost of building factories runs into the billions, guessing on the right technology can easily become a life or death corporate decision. Is there a disruptive technological event on the horizon that is going to dramatically change the competitive landscape of our industries?

If we've learned anything in the last several years, it's that trying to predict future events, including the success of individual technologies or products, is highly error-prone. We've even seen examples of the "best" answer failing to prevail in the marketplace.

The concepts of universal widespread embedded computing, with full mobile connectivity, sensing and intelligence continue to be dominant themes when discussing next-generation technologies. We'll consider the relentless pursuit of ubiquitous computing and look at technologies that have the power to shake businesses to the core, and their impact on people, companies, and society.

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Dr. Ravin Balakrishnan, Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Dr. Daniel James Branagan, Chief Technical Officer, The Nanosteel Company
Dr. Daniel Clancy, Director, Information Sciences Directorate, NASA Ames Research Center
Dr. Mary Czerwinski, Senior Researcher and Manager, Visualization and Interaction Research Group, Microsoft Research
Ms. Emily De Rotstein, CEO, Commotion Displays
Dr. Per K. Enge, Co-Director, GPS Research Laboratory, Stanford University
Dr. Stuart Hassard, Head Biologist, DeltaDOT, Ltd.
Dr. James Kowalick, Founder, Renaissance Leadership Institute
Mr. Michael Leonhardt, StorageTek Fellow, Storage Technology Corporation
Mr. Robert Levin, CEO, Transclick, Inc.
Mr. Stephen Petranek, Editor-in-Chief, Discover
Dr. Raj Reddy, Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University
Mr. Ola Rosling, Software Inventor and Designer, Gapminder.com
Mr. Gary Starkweather, Member, Hardware Visualization Group, Microsoft Research
Dr. Astro Teller, CEO, BodyMedia
Ms. Alex Vasilescu, Research Scientist, New York University
Ms. Padmasree Warrior, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motorola, Inc.
Mr. Rob Welton, Executive VP Marketing, Knowledge Vector, Inc.

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Field Trip description
The Mayo Clinic Hospital is a "high tech high touch" hospital, and a leader in the use of technology for hospitals. It is one of the first paperless hospitals in the U.S. It provides state-of-the-art inpatient medical care with maximum efficiency, using the idea of cooperative medicine, where teams of experts combine skills and experience to help solve medical problems.

At the hospital, members will hear about and see demonstrations of:

• surgical robots
• radiology imaging
• electronic medical records (EMR) technology
• the electronic patient chart (including the use of multiple systems and bridging technologies)
• IT for the bedside
the concept of integrated group practice.

The field trip is being coordinated and organized by Jack Cranmer, CIO of the hospital.
Mayo Clinic Hospital has 205 licensed beds, including 169 medical/surgical beds, 20 intensive/critical care beds, 7 rehabilitation beds and 9 skilled nursing beds. The hospital provides inpatient care to support the 65 medical and surgical specialties and programs of Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. Mayo Clinic is based on the idea of "cooperative medicine;" teams of experts combine their skills and experience to help solve people's medical problems.

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