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Designing for Resiliency
July 16-17, 2002 in Brussels, Belgium



overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Jurisdiction
• Threat assessment
• Information assurance
• Decentralized systems
• Recovery and response
• Lessons for design and engineering
• Trust boundaries
• Robust structures
• Strategy and uncertainty

conference overview
The remarkable success of open, flexible, and decentralized systems, such as the Internet, the Web, or the global financial system, arises because they scale and evolve so effectively. But our approaches for making systems robust against a variety of risks, including attacks, free riders, and other behaviors that impact systems and their users, have traditionally depended on boundaries and central control. We struggle with the hard questions of ensuring resiliency while retaining the benefits.

Traditionally, efforts to protect personal and corporate information have focused on protecting the containers and physical IT assets at a location. This job is naturally suited to governments. But as information becomes detached from physical and fixed containers, the responsibility for keeping information reliable and information systems resilient no longer matches the physical boundaries and topologies of nations. While countries are protecting themselves from cyber-attacks, who protects cyberspace itself? And, if network businesses win by cultivating the best set of options against an unknowable future, what tools help them manage fear as they embrace uncertainty and risk?

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Dr. David Ackley, Professor of Computer Science, University of New Mexico
Dr. Paul Borrill, VP and Chief Technology Officer, VERITAS Software, Inc.
Dr. Hugh Courtney, Author, 20/20 Foresight: Crafting Strategy in an Uncertain World
Dr. David Crystal, Author, Language and the Internet
Mr. Walter De Brouwer, Chairman, Turing Industries
Dr. David Dehenauw, Manager, Oceanographic Meteorological Office Zeebrugge, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Dr. John Doyle, Professor, Control & Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering and Bio-Engineering, California Institute of Technology
Mr. Richard Forno, Chief Security Advisor, Shadowlogic
FozZy, Director, Hackerz Voice
Dr. Alan Kay, President, Viewpoints Research Institute, Inc.
Dr. Larry Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford University and Author, The Future of Ideas
Mr. Erkki Liikanen, Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society, European Commission
Dr. Ike Nassi, Entrepreneur in Residence, Allegis Capital
Mr. Bruce Sterling, Author, The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder On The Electronic Frontier
Dr. Phil Williams, Director, Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies, University of Pittsburgh
Dr. William Wulf, President, National Academy of Engineering and Professor, Computer Science, University of Virginia

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