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TTI/Vanguard's 2001 Conferences
Each of TTI/Vanguard's five yearly conferences heightens thinking about technological possibilities on the two-to-five year horizon. With a wide angle view, we examine the potential of new technologies on organizations, infrastructures, policies, and society.

Risk, Security and Uncertainty
February 5-6, 2001 in Austin, Texas
Members' Field Trip - Cycorp, Inc. - Austin, TX - February 7
The Future of Software
April 30-May 1, 2001 in Los Angeles, California
Members' Workshop - The Post e-Corporation: A Future Mapping Event - Los Angeles, CA - May 1-2
Digital Infrastructures: Megaflops and Microwonders
July 18-19, 2001 in Dublin, Ireland
NextGens Technologies
September 11-12, 2001 in Seattle, Washington
Members' Field Trip - Human Interface Technology Lab - Seattle, WA - September 10

Business Models: Sources of Strategic Advantage in the New Economy
November 29-30, 2001 in Washington, DC

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