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Business Models: Sources of Strategic Advantage in the New Economy
November 29-30, 2001 in
Washington, DC




overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Technology in a time of crisis
• Revenue and selling models
• Marketing models
• Intermediary models
• Content and distribution models
• Measuring value
• Collaboration models
• Future new markets

conference overview
Do we yet understand what works, and what doesn't, in the digital economy? Though technology-driven business models have ridden the highs and lows of the equity markets in the past couple of years, and financial expectations are adjusting to the experience of real numbers instead of the optimism of business plans, we are still in the early stages of the e-business transformation. As organizations reassess their business models, resiliency and survivability options now come into play.

Overlaying new security and contingency planning requirements onto existing models may render some unworkable, unprofitable, and even obsolete. The big question is "what are the lessons for business and government alike?" High-payoff elements of the electronic business model may not be evident on a web site, but behind the scenes instead, in the infrastructure or supply chain relationships. In other words, it's a holistic view of what creates strategic advantage and profitability for the business.

The successful organizations will be those that are able to continually re-define themselves in order to create customer and shareholder value as the world of digital commerce evolves. During this meeting, we'll look at the lessons from recent successes and failures and the impact of a wartime government on business.

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Mr. Nolan Bushnell, CEO & Founder, uWink, Inc., and Founder, Atari
Mr. John Colgan, CEO, Orygen Group
Mr. Manus Cooney, Vice President, Corporate and Policy Development, Napster, Inc.
Mr. Dinesh Dhamija, CEO & Chairman, ebookers.com
Ms. Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Pat Gambaro, Executive Vice President, Information Technology and Floor Operations, New York Board of Trade
Mr. Michael Iron, CEO, WebMap Technologies, Inc.
Mr. Christopher Locke, Author, Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices
Dr. Gregory A. Mack, Vice President, IT and Internetworking, Syntek Technologies, and System Architect, DARPA Project Genoa
Mr. Clay Shirky, Partner, Technology and Product Strategy, The Accelerator Group

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