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The New Geography of Business
July 17-19, 2000 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

special members' workshop
Technology Adoption - Global Differences
July 17, 2000



overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Transportation, delivery and logistics essentials for e-businesses
• Mobility technologies
• Positioning and tracking systems
• Remote sensing, reporting and control systems
• Distributed labor markets and virtual organizations
• Telepresence and collaboration
• The changing role of cities and communities
• Separating identity from its physical constraints

conference overview
Analysts have predicted the "death of distance" since the potential of the Internet became clear. Assumptions that human presence and the physical link of goods and services would become entirely irrelevant, have proven to be wrong. The notion that "clicks and mortar" is an imperative for success is evident as businesses integrate their traditional distribution channels with a strong electronic presence.

Today, "location" no longer mandates a fixed position. "Place" implies any number of venues, including those which are virtual. Borders are no more. Organizations have become communities and net identities, and cultural adaptation is a recognized factor in designing new business models. Wireless and mobile technologies are enabling thousands of new applications and business opportunities. Dramatic phase changes are expected as the wireless infrastructure becomes more robust.

Interestingly, the design of physical spaces and objects will be as important as ever before. Just because the platforms for commerce and communication move to the Internet, doesn't mean that we will forsake face-to-face contact with others. The role of cities and communities will evolve, however, as employment options become less critical to our choice of home. Will the quality of relationships and "real world" experiences drive our future decisions?

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Cay Bond, Promostyl
Keith Dixon, Chief Operating Officer, whereonearth.com
David Goodman, Department Head, Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York
John Koehler, President & CEO, Tachyon, Inc.
Joel Kotkin, Author, The New Geography
Bob Lucky, Corporate VP, Applied Research, Telcordia Technologies
Ken Lyon, Vice-chairman & Founder, Sourceree Ltd.
Bill Mitchell, Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT
Thad Starner, Professor, Georgia Tech University
Alex Van Es, Icepick.com

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workshop description
On July 17th, TTI/Vanguard is pleased to provide another exclusive and customized experience for our members. Targeted for TTI/Vanguard members only, a one-day workshop, "Technology Adoption - Global Differences," will be conducted by The Lifestyle Network. Click here for a preliminary agenda. Please be sure to register for this special day when you register for the New Geography of Business conference.

The Lifestyle Network (TLN) - www.thelifestylenetwork.net - is a virtual group of enterprises looking to create new business opportunities by anticipating lifestyle choices that individuals and communities make in response to the changes being created through the adoption of technology. Critical to TLN's research is an understanding of the cultural differences that exist between and within different communities across Europe and how these affect their adoption of new technology. This seminar explores how these differences will affect companies as they grapple with the digital economy, both in Europe and the US.

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