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The Digital Dimensions of Time
February 7-8, 2000 in San Diego, CA




overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Evolution of time/space and time/value relationships
• Characteristics of time-based advantage
• Always "on"
• Connected time vs. unconnected time
• Youth time
• Synchronous vs. asynchronous work
• Cheating latency
• Time paradoxes
• Representing time

conference overview
Communications is increasingly asynchronous. Most of us spend time on "real time" because we have no other easy means. Phone tag is often something that could have been avoided with message passing off-line. In the future, real time voice communication will decrease, and circuits will give way to packets, everywhere.

Social patterns will become more asynchronous too. Lockstep obedience of large chunks of the population who commute, vacation and watch TV at the same time, will be replaced by a temporally more plural world. Countries and regions that arbitrarily restrict hours of operation and work will just not be competitive. It is a 7 x 24 world.

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Peter Aiken, Research Director, Information Systems Research Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University: "Case Study and Discussion: From T+3 to T+1"
Stewart Brand, Author, The Clock of the Long Now and The Whole Earth Catalog: "The World's Slowest Computer"
Jeremiah Chechik, Co-Founder, Intertainer and Jim Griffin, former CTO of Geffen Records and Founder, Cherry Lane Digital "Celestial Jukeboksi - From the Heart, Aimed at the Head"
Michele Covell, Member of the Research Staff, Interval Research Corporation: "Removing Temporal Tyranny From Audio and Video
Scott Fertig, CEO, Mirror Worlds Technologies: "Crystallizing Experience to Simplify Your Life"
Michael Furdyk, 17 year-old Co-founder, Buybuddy.com and MyDesktop.com and Jennifer Corriero, 19 year-old Co-founder TakingITGlobal: "The Time is Now"
Carlo Giordanetti, Chief Designer, Swatch and Andrea Caputo, Head of Internet Projects, Swatch: "Time is Everything"
James Gleick, Author, Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything: "Faster"
Jim Griffin, Founder, Cherry Lane Digital
Polly LaBarre, Senior Editor, Fast Company: "Working Time and Winning in the New Economy"
Doug Lenat, President and CEO, Cycorp: "Machine Representation of Time and Temporal Relationships"
Nicholas Negroponte, Director, Media Lab and Professor, Media Technology, MIT: "Being Asynchronous"
David Reed, former Chief Scientist, Lotus Development: "Cheating Latency - Bandwidth and MIPS Are Not Enough"

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