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NEXTGENS: Impending
New Technologies

October 4-6, 1999 in Phoenix, AZ

special members' workshop
The Human Side of IT Implementation: Managing Change at Warp Speed
October 4, 1999



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conference overview
The next generation of technologies will see the carbon and silicon worlds coming together. The principles and operating regimes evolved over millions of years will find their way into electronic and photonic technologies developed in the last 50. New forms of software and intelligence will create new business opportunities in a networked world with everything on line. From the intelligent mining of medical records, to the construction of peopleless manufacturing plants, trading companies and corporations, new and more efficient operating paradigms will be realized.

Managers and people will have to rethink their relationships with each other and an increasingly networked world. This will be future of man, woman and machine - a world of chaos dominated by bits and not atoms. Here our established human experience and wisdom will count for less as we enter an era of immense complexity and counterintuitive outcomes to decisions taken amid a field of dynamic data. Companies will have to rethink their business models, logistics, people management and mode of operation. Not much will escape the need to change.

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Dan Bryson, Founder and CEO, Stark Design, Inc
Frank Casanova, Director, QuickTime Product Marketing, Apple Computer Inc.
Peter Cochrane, Chief Technologist, BT Laboratories
John Ellenby, GeoVector Corporation
Doug Engelbart, Director, Bootstrap Institute, and Inventor of the Mouse
Bill Joy, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Sun Microsystems
Murray Gell-Mann, Distinguished Fellow and Co-chair of the Science Board, Santa Fe Institute, and Nobel Laureate in Physics
Ray Idaszak, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Alternate Realities Corporation
Sundaresan Jayaraman, Professor, School of Textile & Fiber Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Leon Lederman, Nobel Laureate in Physics"
Jo Lernout, Co-Chairman and Co-founder, Lernout & Hauspie (L&H)
Ed Muth, Microsoft, Group Product Manager
Nicholas Negroponte, Director, Media Laboratory and Professor, Media Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chris Winter, Vice-President Development, CyberLife Technology Ltd: "Artificial Life

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workshop description
Information technology continues to advance at exponential rates. Companies and their leadership must continually adapt at warp speed. Instilling effective change competencies in organizations is more critical than ever for survival in tomorrow’s competitive marketplace.

Digital strategy is quickly becoming the driver of a company’s success. As purveyors of these technological advances for their companies, senior business and technology executives will be increasingly called upon both to deliver the most advanced and appropriate technology solutions and to ensure their effective implementation. Senior managers must become proficient in preparing their organizations for IT-driven changes, and integrating these dramatic and sometimes disruptive technologies into standard, but dynamic business practices. In doing so, IT professionals must become trusted partners in managing change for the business.

The workshop will be highly interactive and will be conducted through dialogues and exercises that will:

• Establish a compelling context for what’s ahead in terms of technology trends and their foreseeable cultural and global impacts;
• Determine required organizational responses for succeeding in that emerging world;
• Examine implications for senior management and the roles they must play; and
• Offer methodologies and tools for preparing today’s enterprise for the changes that are coming tomorrow.
Participants will:
• Gain insight in the principles and practices associated with effective change management;
• Learn the most current methodologies and tools;
• Test these tools on their own business cases; and
• Prepare for "back-home" implementation.

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