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Knowledge, Search and Understanding
December 1-2, 1999 in Dallas, TX



overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Capitalization of Information as an Asset
• Documentation Management
• How to Informalize Bits
• Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer
• Search Technologies
• Data Mining
• Information Sharing Architecture

conference overview
Corporations are slowly beginning to recognize and value their knowledge and information assets. The latter comprise facts and rules of thumb crystallized into online or hardcopy documents, or residing less explicitly in the heads of employees and in their unwritten procedures and policies. When this information is represented in some machine-manipulable form, then it's worth calling it "knowledge." In that form, it can be meaningfully combined with other knowledge; it can be intelligently searched for; it can be directly integrated into and applied to the e-business universe; it can be shared or sold or transferred; it can, in short, be managed.

But knowledge in itself is not the objective. The desirable outcome is understanding, and the ability to leverage that understanding into organizational effectiveness. This requires an information sharing architecture that addresses capabilities for search, analysis, collaboration, data mining, distribution, and tool selection and deployment.

At this conference we will (1) lay bare the principles and power underlying the technology of knowledge management, (2) develop a framework for evaluating the practitioners and technologies, and (3) apply that understanding to look at Knowledge Management's most plausible organizational impacts for the next 2-5 years.

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Eric Brewer, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Inktomi Corporation
Roger Burlton, Founder, Process Renewal Group
Edward Feigenbaum, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University
David Gilmour, President, Tacit Knowledge Systems
Eric Hoffert, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer, Magnifi
Doug Lenat, President and CEO, Cycorp
John Morgridge, Chairman of the Board, Cisco Systems
Cliff Reid, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Eloquent, Inc
Ronald Ross, Principal, Business Rule Solutions, Inc.
Michael Schrage, MIT Media Lab, Author of Serious Play: How the World's Best Companies Simulate to Innovate

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