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Business Discontinuities Within the Ubiquitous Internet
July 28-29,1999 in London, England

special members' field trip
BT Labs
July 27, 1999



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conference overview
In his book The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clay Christensen discusses how seemingly well-managed, customer-focussed, highly-competitive organizations can suddenly lose their position of leadership when disruptive changes in technology enter their industry. We have recently seen examples of the displacement of market leaders occurring as a result of new competition from Internet commerce pioneers. Yet this is surely just the beginning of a very significant set of marketplace disruptions due to Internet technologies and business models.

At this conference, we will look at the many different ways in which Internet technologies will potentially create business discontinuities. It is clear that all corporate communication networks are blending towards the Internet model. From Intranets, to Virtual Private Networks, to Extranets, to the public Internet itself, there is an adoption of the world of packet communication, mediated by different degrees of control and openness. Security and quality of service are paramount concerns in the corporate world. Meanwhile, the traditional telecommunications’ carriers are planning and implementing the packet revolution in their networks, new entrants are constructing IP networks from the ground up, and the government is funding a next generation Internet program.

The emergence of this universal and ubiquitous communications system is extremely significant. It creates a new economics of communication that affects both corporate and home users. Traditional barriers to entry based on technological advantage or access to distribution channels are diminishing. For example, MP3 threatens to turn the music industry on its head. Existing players must create new sources of competitive advantage, and find new roles, in order to protect their leadership position.

Just how far will this revolution take us? How connected can we be to each other, and to the devices around us? What are the ultimate limits of the technology? And most importantly, what can we expect in terms of the behavior of people in this uncharted new world? Drawing from real world examples in specific industries today and from recent research on Internet traffic and usage, we will try to anticipate the disruptive events and trends for which businesses need to plan.

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Allen Atwell, Director of Telecommunications, SWIFT
Professor Patrick "Paddy" Barwise, Director of the Centre for Marketing, London Business School
Gordon Bell, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Corporation and TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board Member
KC Claffy, Principal Investigator, Distributed Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
Sheridan Forbes, Founder and Partner, The Mezeron Group
Hermann Hauser, Co-founder and Director, Amadeus Capital Partners Limited
David Isenberg, Founder, isen.com
Leonard Kleinrock, Chairman, TTI/Vanguard
Mike Lubin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Global Music Network
Bill Moore, Director of Enabling Technologies, Perot Systems
Richard Schroth, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Insights and TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board Member
Professor Will Stewart, Chief Scientist, GEC-Marconi Technology Centres

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field trip description
BT's principal center for innovation and technology development is BT Laboratories. The people at this laboratory have established themselves as being at the forefront of technological development. Their purpose is to take the technologies that they develop and experiment with them. Unlike architects who put up buildings and leave, they create electronic futures and live them.

BT Labs has a very simple mission statement: "To boldly go and be first technologically, managerially and operationally".

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