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Risk, Security & Trust
May 14-15, 1998 in Versailles, France




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The Computer Security Institute recently reported a 64% increase in corporate security breaches from a year ago, and those are only the breaches corporations know about. The 21st Century Corporation faces a new set of issues that have the potential to wreak havoc with the best-laid business plans. Connecting people, processors, and everyday objects on a global scale introduces risk beyond anything we have ever experienced. Unfortunately, the rise of security breaches follows the rise in computer usage and connectivity. More access equals more risk.

Trust is at the heart of this discussion. Building customer loyalty and a lasting brand are directly related to the company’s ability to understand and act upon the new risk imperatives. Attendees joined us to explore and describe a completely new set of concerns that demand attention at the highest level of the company. We uncovered the latest thinking on the technology of security from the world’s leading security experts. Authentication, biometrics and cryptography were just a few of the topics explored. We heard from today’s most experienced corporate risk planners and pushed our understanding of what it will take to survive in the new economy.

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Walter Bender, Principal Research Scientist, and Director, News in the Future Consortium, MIT Media Laboratory
Charles Blauner, Vice President, JP Morgan & Co.
Whit Diffie, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Simson L. Garfinkel, Author and Columnist, Boston Globe
Robert Lucky, Vice President of Applied Research, Bellcore
Roger Needham, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Ltd
Simon Phoenix, Member Cryptographic Design, British Telecom
David Reed, Information Architect, and TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board member
Phil Zimmermann, Senior Fellow at Network Associates, Creator of PGP

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