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NEXTGENS: Breakthrough Technologies
July 27-28, 1998 in San Francisco, CA




overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Scaleable architectures
• Next generation software
• Quantum computing
• Smart spaces
• Display technology
• The new/next Internet
• Terabit and petabit networks
• New computational technologies

conference overview
At this meeting we took a look at a number of key hardware and software advances that are emerging from the development labs. It's as difficult as ever to look at the vast array of technological possibilities and pick the winners, and of course the best technology doesn't necessarily prevail in the marketplace. At minimum, there are specific technologies worth tracking and planning for.

Early recognition of new ideas and the involvement of major users (such as Vanguard members) can have a substantial influence on venture funding and on product attributes. It's also the key to the identification of disruptive technologies-the changes that have the power to shake your business to the core. During this meeting we challenged some of the most provocative ideas from the world's foremost research laboratories, technology developers, and most promising start-ups. We examined the forces that will enable these technologies to fulfill their promise, or perhaps prevent them from succeeding, and ways in which you can factor these technologies into your strategic plans.

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John Perry Barlow, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Gordon Bell, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Corporation
James N. Gray, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Corporation
William R. Hearst III, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Alan Huang, Chief Technology Officer, Terabit Corporation
Alan Kay, Fellow and VP of R&D, Walt Disney Imagineering
Thomas Kenny, Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Leonard Kleinrock, CHAIRMAN, TTI/Vanguard and Professor of Computer Science, UCLA
Doug Lenat, Chief Executive Officer, Cycorp and Advisory Board Member, TTI/Vanguard
David Liddle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Interval Research Corporation
Robert Lucky, VP, Applied Research, Bellcore
Geoffrey Moore, Chairman, The Chasm Group
Nicholas Negroponte, Director, Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Advisory Board Member, TTI/Vanguard
Craig Partridge, Chief Scientist, BBN Technologies
Arno Penzias, Senior Technology Advisor, Lucent Ventures and New Enterprise Associates
Kristofer S.J. Pister, Director, Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, University of California, Berkeley
John Sculley, Partner, Sculley Brothers LLC
Larry Smarr, Director, NCSA and Advisory Board Member, TTI/Vanguard
Annette Tonti, Senior Fellow, TTI/Vanguard

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