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Being Connected - Symposium
September 23-25, 1998 in
Washington, DC




overview speakers agenda

Topics include:
• Business and consumers
• Social structures
• Government structures
• Education and human development
• Wealth
• Health and medicine
• Politics and policy

conference overview
The force of being connected has a power that we’re only just beginning to explore. Historically, self interest has mostly been defined by some sort of geographical boundaries – but how do we define self-interest when we’re all connected across the world? Concepts of community, presence, and relationship are all evolving to enable new models of discourse, management, governance, employment and communication.

During this major symposium, we will examine these changes from a multitude of perspectives – including business, technological, social, educational, economic, and anthropological. As one example, connectivity will affect the emergence of African nations in completely different ways to the developing countries of the past century. Controversy about "haves" and "have nots" is fueling debates about ubiquity of service, potential population shifts, cultural value systems, and new social orders. Living with connectivity in turn produces new thinking about how to leverage the links. Now that we have a few years experience under our belts, we are in a better position to see what the future may bring. Business desperately needs to understand these issues, and the global repercussions.

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John Perry Barlow, Vice Chairman and Co-founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation and TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board Member
David Brin, Scientist and Author
Jim Griffin, Chief Executive Officer & President, OneHouse
David Hughes, Partner, Old Colorado City Communications
Robert Kahn, President, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor, Wired Magazine
Professor Lawrence Lessig, Berkman Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Dwight Merriman, Chief Technology Office & Founder, DoubleClick
Nicholas Negroponte, Director, Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and TTI/Vanguard Advisory Board Member
Professor Jeffrey Rayport, Harvard Business School
Richard Satava, Professor of Surgery, Yale University and Biomedical Technologies Program Manager, DARPA
Anita Smith, Chairman and co-founder of Smith & Bartos
Payam Zamani, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, AutoWeb

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