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Dr. Bob Lucky is an internationally recognized expert, author, and commentator on the state and future of telecommunications. Dr. Lucky spent most of his career at Bell Labs, where he headed the communications research division, and at Bellcore and Telcordia, where he headed their research organizations. Since leaving Telcordia, Bob has been a member of the Defense Science Board, the chairman of the Technology Advisory Council of the Federal Communications Commission, and the chairman of the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority. He was also the chairman of the board for ANSER and the chairman of the visiting committee for NIST. Bob's best-known invention, the adaptive equalizer, is a key component of modems today. He has received a number of awards, including four honorary doctorates, the IEEE Edison Medal, and the Marconi Prize. Among Bob's publications are a textbook for data communications and the popular book Silicon Dreams, which analyzes how humans and computers deal with information. He is best known by many engineers as the author of regular columns for IEEE Spectrum.
Bob Lucky
Consultant and Author
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