Advisory board
• John Perry Barlow
• Gordon Bell
• Maria Bezaitis
• Peter Cochrane
• Eric Haseltine
• Mike Hawley
Ken Hertz
Krisztina Holly
• Alan Kay
• Len Kleinrock
• Doug Lenat
Ellen Levy
• Bob Lucky
• Nicholas Negroponte
• David Reed
• Eben Upton

Ms. Krisztina "Z" Holly is an engineer, tech entrepreneur, innovator, adventurer, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, City of Los Angeles, Mayor's Office. She also currently serves as an advisor to many organizations, including the World Economic Forum and the Obama administration. Z launched the first TEDx in 2009, which has inspired 6,500 other events to date. She founded two innovation centers, at MIT and USC, that helped spin out 39 startups. Z's first startup was computer telephony pioneer, Stylus Innovation (acquired by Artisoft), and she later joined other tech and media startups, including Direct Hit Technologies (acquired by Ask Jeeves). She started her career as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, and contributed to such projects as the first full-color computer generated reflection hologram and a head-eye vision robot for the MIT AI Lab and the space shuttle main engine. In her spare time Z is an avid traveler, skydiver, telemark skier, shark diver, mountain biker, and authentic food aficionado.
Krisztina "Z" Holly
City of Los Angeles, Mayor's Office
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