Advisory board
• John Perry Barlow
• Gordon Bell
• Maria Bezaitis
• Peter Cochrane
• Deborah Estrin
• Eric Haseltine
• Michael Hawley
• Alan Kay
• Leonard Kleinrock
• Douglas Lenat
• Robert Lucky
• Nicholas Negroponte
• David Reed

Dr. Deborah Estrin is a professor of computer science and electrical engineering at UCLA. Dr. Estrin holds the Jon Postel Chair in Computer Networks, and she is the founding director of the National Science Foundation (NSF)–funded CENS, which explores and develops innovative, end-to-end, distributed sensing systems, from ecosystems to human systems. Since the late 1990s, Deborah has focused on multidisciplinary, experimental systems research applied to various environmental monitoring challenges; on participatory-sensing systems; and on leveraging the location, acoustic, image, and attached-sensor data streams increasingly available from mobile phones. She serves on the National Research Council’s Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, and she was previously a member of the
NSF’s National Ecological Observatory Network advisory board and the NSF Computer & Information Science & Engineering advisory committee. Deborah was selected as the first ACM-W Athena Lecturer in 2006, was awarded the Anita Borg Institute's Women of Vision Award for Innovation in 2007, and was inducted into the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2007. She is a fellow of the IEEE, the ACM, and the AAAS.
Deborah Estrin
Center for Embedded Networked
Sensing (CENS)