Advisory board
• John Perry Barlow
• Gordon Bell
• Maria Bezaitis
• Peter Cochrane
• Eric Haseltine
• Mike Hawley
Ken Hertz
• Krisztina Holly
• Alan Kay
• Len Kleinrock
• Doug Lenat
Ellen Levy
• Bob Lucky
• Nicholas Negroponte
• David Reed
• Eben Upton

Dr. Peter Cochrane is a mentor, advisor, consultant, and angel to a wide range of new businesses and international companies. Throughout his career, Dr. Cochrane has worked on circuit, system, and network design; software production and manufacturing; machine programming, switching, and transmission; human interfaces; adaptive systems and control; AI and AL; and company transformation and management-system design. Peter was formerly the CTO and head of research for British Telecom. He has held numerous academic posts and is currently a visiting professor at Queen Mary University of London. In 2007, he received an award from CNET Networks for his outstanding contributions to the United Kingdom's technology industries. Peter has received numerous other prizes and awards, including the City & Guilds' Prince Philip Medal, the IEEE Millennium Medal, an OBE, the Queen's Award for Innovation, and the Martlesham Medal.

Peter Cochrane
Co-Founder, Chairman, and Director
Cochrane Associates

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