Benefits of Membership


Benefits of Membership
The TTI/Vanguard "experience" extends far beyond our conferences. In conjunction with our meetings, we offer field trips, workshops, publications, and extensive online archives—all designed to complement your enterprise research and interests.

Reconnaissance Papers (Preconference)
Several weeks prior to each TTI/Vanguard conference, members receive copies of articles and papers relating to upcoming session topics. These preconference readings complement the conferences and enable attendees to participate actively in formal and informal discussions.

Conference Highlights & Citations
Days after each TTI/Vanguard conference, attendees receive summaries of the speakers' presentations and associated citations. These "trip reports" are available for circulation and discussion throughout member organizations.

Reinforcement Papers (Postconference)
Members receive comprehensive reports from each conference within seven weeks after each session. Reinforcement Papers synthesize key themes and provide expanded summaries from the meetings. Ideas are cross-indexed to previous TTI/Vanguard sessions for thorough referencing.

Member Archives
During the conference, members have immediate access to speaker slides. Within days of each meeting, audio and slide presentations from each session are posted in the Member Archives. Members have access to this multimedia knowledge base, which also includes related pre- and postconference papers and reports. Materials are cross-indexed and fully searchable. Conference materials are also available to members via RSS feeds and podcasts.

TTI/Vanguard Library
In conjunction with each session, members receive recently published books, chosen to extend on the ideas and topics being addressed. The aggregate of this collection is an impressive library that provides members with additional perspectives on issues covered in the sessions.

Field Trips
TTI/Vanguard field trips present opportunities for members to visit the world's leading research institutes and development laboratories. Held in conjunction with several conferences throughout the year, these field trips allow members to preview new technologies and high payoff applications years in advance of their market entry.

Recent Field Trips:
• Annenberg Innovation Lab, University of Southern California
• Barcelona Media
• Boeing Everett Manufacturing/Industrial Center
• Brain Research Centre
• British Museum
• British Telecom Labs
• California Institute of Technology
• Calit2
• Carnegie Mellon University
• CNN Newsroom and Techwood Campus
• Computer Vision Laboratory, University of Tokyo
• Electronic Visualization Lab
• FedEx Hub
• Fidelity Center for Applied Technology
• Ford Rouge Factory
• Fraunhofer Institute
• Fusionopolis
• Genome Sequencing Center
• George Washington University
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• Hendrick Motorsports
• Human Interface Technology Lab
• Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR), Stanford University
• Illinois Institute of Technology
• Imperial College London Institute for Biomedical Engineering
• Insitute for Computing, Information, and Cognitive Systems
• Institute of Science and Technology Vienna
• IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique)
• iRobot Corporation
• Lenovo
• Mayo Clinic Hospital
• Microsoft Research
• MIT Media Lab
• NASA Ames Research Center
• Neitz Lab, University of Washington
• Palo Alto Research Center
• Printing Museum, Tokyo
• Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science
• San Diego Supercomputer Center
• Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
• Stevens Institute of Technology
• TechShop Detroit
• Université Pierre et Marie CURIE, Paris
• University of Toronto
• University of Utah
• Washington University Genome Sequencing Center

Executive workshops, led by content experts, are one-day seminars conducted for TTI/Vanguard members. Workshops typically focus on the role and influence of new technologies on current and future management and business issues.

Recent Workshops:
• Beyond the Hype of Web Services
• Enterprise Social Networking: Leveraging Relationships, Communities, and Learning
• From Bricks to Bits: e-Business Implementation
• Gamification: Seriously Fun
• Global Organizations, Small Worlds, and Social Software
• Managing and Assessing Risk
• Mapping the Future of Computing and Communications
• Mapping the Future of eBusiness Strategy
• Media Futures
• New Insights in Decision Making
• Perspectives on China
• Technology Adoption: Global Differences
• The Human Side of IT Implementation: Managing Change at Warp Speed
• The Post e-Corporation: A Future Mapping Event

Members have access to TTI/Vanguard's LinkedIn group. This LinkedIn group is intended as a "place" to ideate, collaborate, and communicate outside our conference venues throughout the year. LinkedIn group members post articles, questions, and comments, including links to blogs, that they feel will be of interest to others within TTI/Vanguard's community. Postings include ideas about advanced technologies across all technological, scientific, and engineering domains.

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