Benefits of Membership


TTI/Vanguard is an advanced technology membership for senior-level executives. We introduce, discuss, and evaluate emerging and breakthrough technologies on the two-to-five-year horizon. Through research, conferences, workshops, and field trips, experts offer perspectives on future technologies and their impact on organizations, infrastructures, policies, and society. The result is a framework for linking strategic technology planning to business success.

TTI/Vanguard is about discovering technological possibilities for the 21st century. Four times annually, corporate and government leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academicians come together to envision the future's future technologically. In highly interactive sessions, led by a world-class Advisory Board—John Perry Barlow, Gordon Bell, Maria Bezaitis, Peter Cochrane, Eric Haseltine, Mike Hawley, Ken Hertz, Krisztina "Z" Holly, Alan Kay, Len Kleinrock, Doug Lenat, Ellen Levy, Bob Lucky, Nicholas Negroponte, David Reed, and Eben Upton—and today's most influential thought leaders, debate is stimulated, and breakthrough ideas flourish.

TTI/Vanguard member organizations represent global private, public, and academic sectors. Members include: brand-name manufacturers, cutting-edge software and hardware developers, aerospace and defense companies, financial and investment institutions, insurers, retailers, pharmaceutical and healthcare groups, telecommunications firms, corporate and government labs, service providers and consulting groups, energy and chemical companies, broadcasters, startups, universities, and top advisors in global government agencies. This diversity brings an unequalled richness of perspective and experience to our forums.

TTI/Vanguard members are senior-level business and technology executives with responsibility for creating and implementing strategic technological change within their organizations. Members engage in collaborative sessions where paradigms are questioned, theories are tested, and opinions are shaped.

TTI/Vanguard's sessions are highly interactive. Microphones, placed on the table next to each participant and Advisory Board member, motivate attendees to ask questions spontaneously and offer real-time input into discussions.

TTI/Vanguard's distinction: sessions in which leaders of innovation from the world's most progressive organizations identify and capitalize on emerging technologies that will fundamentally affect the future of their businesses.
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